Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Secure, confidential, multilingual information collection

Messaging, reports, SMS

Surveys, primary research, feelings, thoughts

Commenters, observers, interactions

Confidential, need to know, protect

Enterprise ESG, centralised data, consolidated real-time view

Risk areas, assess, receive guidance

ESG initiatives inside

Suppliers, partners and ESG alignment

Customers, experience, feedback

Sustainable, resilient, impact

Join the dots, see patterns, real-time

Deploy modular training

Assess procedures, policies, programmes

Measure against goals, improve

Control the narrative

Obtain ranking, validation, compliance

Attain verification, certification, recognition

Communicate, build trust

Roles we support

Reduce risk. Avert

Implement ESG initiatives. Drive

Effect change. Culture-first

Identify issues. Resolve

Analyse root cause. Rectify

Alignment with partners, resilience

Risks we cover

Scott Lane

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Speeki™, a group focused on transforming compliance hotlines and other compliance areas using Ai technologies. Scott is passionate about building solutions in the compliance and legal space and challenging old practices with new perspectives.

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