Where to start when implementing ESG across the business

The challenge for many companies starting out on an ESG journey is determining exactly where to begin. There are a lot of areas to cover (19 if you follow the Speeki ESG model) and it can be somewhat overwhelming.

By applying the Speeki Engage™ framework to building ESG programmes, you will quickly see where to focus, because you will have completed a risk assessment, developed a value proposition and engaged with key stakeholders. Now that you have their buy-in to build a programme, the answer of where to start will be clear: it will be wherever the value to the company and its stakeholders (including the planet) is greatest.

Following the Speeki Engage™ framework is a sure way to get ESG off the ground and move it from being a regulatory cost to being a value generator.

Where to start when implementing ESG across the business-1

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