Who manages ESG across an enterprise?

Many companies starting out on their ESG journey ask themselves, ‘Who should be managing this?’. Do you need an ESG officer, a committee, or a group of champions from across the business that can help pull everything together? The answer could be one or many of these, depending on the size and context of your company.

One thing is for sure, however: you will need multi-disciplinary skills and access to top management across the company. It is best to have a direct line to the CEO or COO and then have a support network across several functions. For large companies, a dedicated team reporting to the CEO would be ideal. This team would be supported by various functional experts and champions in local markets.

While the roles will change according to the company and its complexity, they should certainly be thought out in advance. The Speeki EngageTM framework has a core requirement that the roles and responsibilities be clearly set out and documented.

Who manages ESG across an enterprise

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