Marketing your compliance reporting system

At Speeki, we believe that compliance reporting is a great tool for companies to ‘hear all voices’. However, to actually hear all voices you need to not only have a compliance platform, but you also need to get people to actually use it. Getting people to use the system is an art and a science, and it takes constant engagement with your user base to really drive up usage.

A big part of gaining that traction is marketing the system to the potential user base. Unfortunately, many companies think that marketing the system is just making people aware of its existence by posting signage or brochures that include the name of the platform and give basic information about ‘phone numbers to call’. This would be like advertising a restaurant by sending out a card with the address and telephone number and thinking that would be sufficient marketing. We all know that a restaurant needs far more marketing than just sending out an address and a phone number – its food, service, location and design should be highlighted with a menu, photos and reviews, and people could even be given an incentive to visit. All of these elements would come together to market the restaurant to its potential customers. People need to see how going to that restaurant will benefit them, for example, that they will have a good time with friends or family, they will experience culinary delights, or perhaps they will just get a photo for a great Instagram post.

The compliance reporting service is the same. It is not enough to post a link or a telephone number in the office; you need to market the value of the service to its potential users. At Speeki, we go so far to say that the correct marketing is essential. Reporting matters to a company is not always socially or culturally acceptable, so there needs to be incentives for people to actually use reporting systems and potentially break some norms.

If you are considering how to market your compliance reporting system, at the very least you need to consider these five initiatives:

Graph showing five initiatives you need to market your compliance system

The main focus should be on showing the users what the benefits of using the system are. The old adage of ‘WIIFM?’ (what is in it for me?) has to be the focus. We know that it is valuable to the business to find out about compliance issues, but you need to be able to identify and elaborate on the value to the actual reporter. It is the reporter that needs to be the focus, so they feel comfortable enough to be driven to use the system to make a report.

If the above steps are considered as part of the marketing initiatives, there will be broader adoption of the system and it will therefore provide more benefits and value to both the company and the reporter. Only then will you truly start to ‘hear all voices’.

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