Using a framework when implementing an ESG programme

Because there are so many approaches to implementing ESG programmes, most companies have little to no consistency in how they manage the risk areas that form part of their ESG spectrum of issues.

Many risk areas – like anti-corruption, modern-day slavery, harassment and discrimination, or even diversity, equity and inclusion – are really just simple policies with a few action items, and lack the depth of a ‘programme’. Often these were put in place to meet a legal requirement and to tick a box, and the company simply hasn’t invested the time and effort required to build a comprehensive programme.

In some cases, the basics of a programme are there, but each department that contributed has a different approach and objective. This leads to inconsistency and the inability to combine data into one holistic ESG picture.

Speeki developed the Speeki Engage™ framework to bring together the best practices of ISO management systems with some additional good practices to build a framework that works.

Using a framework when implementing an ESG programme-1

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